This simple clothing ad for Express is a common scene in stores and online. Here they are using the selling point of Valentines Day to sell their clothing. They are using an attractive woman to get your attention and guide you into the site by clicking on the Her and Him links depending on who you are buying for.
In the feminist perspective this ad is nothing but sex. They aren’t selling clothes, she barely has any on . They are belittling this woman in their advertisement to nothing but a sex object. This is not a realistic portrayal of women, or the kinds of clothing that you would find in this store. This is an ad you would expect to see for a lingerie store. This ad is an unrealistic portrayal of the role that women play in the world, and it is demeaning, why can’t there be a business woman dressed in an actual outfit from this store, perhaps portrayed as a business woman.
This ad says a lot about our society today. We all know that sex sells, it is obvious, but we have almost become immune to pictures and advertisements like this one. Everwhere we look, T.V, magazines, books, bill boards and lets not forget abou the internet, these types of pictures and advertisements are showing up.